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Earn Higher Commissions

We track your bookings so that as the number of bookings increases so does your commissions. Book more in The Caribbean and earn more

Realtime Commission Tracking

Get serious about your business. Let our Advanced Tracking work to get you paid. No need to do a report. We provide you with the report!

Fast Commission Deposits

Get quick deposits directly into your local bank account. With Caribbean Travel Alliance Real-Time-Commision(RTC), we ensures you get paid promptly.

The Caribbean's Travel Agency Support Company

We provide you with online booking systems that increase your commissions when you book The Caribbean vacation packages. Our primary focus is to increase your commissions, provide transparent commission tracking, and provide simple, easy-to-use booking systems.


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Real-time Commission Tracking


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The Caribbean Travel Alliance
Grows Your Commissions Quickly

Combining the lastest software technologies with our proprietary tracking algorithms, we have created the most intuitive host agency and the first of its kind in The Caribbean. With our Progressive Comissioning System(PCS), you can now grow your Caribbean commissions with us.

Real-Time Commission Tracking

We leave you to focus on your customers while we track your commissions. You receive realtime cmmission updates as soon as a package is booked!! Grow the number of packages booked and watch your commission percentages grow.

  • Itemized Earnings
  • Pending Commissions
  • Paid Commissions
  • Payment History
Caribbean Travel Alliance Commissions

Smart Booking Systems

With our SMART Technology, our website will do all the work for you. From email marketing, to showcasing your services on social media, and finally collecting for your bookings. All seamlessly integrated. Here are some of the cool optional features:

  • Automatic fare calculators based on travel distance
  • Automatic vehicle selection based on passenger numbers
  • All-Inclusive tour booking with entry fees included for each guest
  • Return bookings, waiting times, airport transfers, & cruiseport transfers

Complete Online Booking

Whether in your office, in your vehicle, or while sitting with your clients, Caribbean Travel Alliance provides you with comprehensive online support solutions- booking systems, email marketing, invoicing and payment systems.

  • Our booking website will take care of all collections on your behalf
  • Email tours to your clients for them to get information on their options
  • Stay up to date with emails of your confirmed bookings sent to your inbox
  • Automatically send your clients confirmation emails with details of their bookings

Multiple Payment Processing

Wherever your customers are located, you can process their credit cards securely- on your website, from your invoices, or in person through our payment apps.

  • Secure, US-based, online credit card processing
  • Credit cards, Apple Pay, and Paypal processing for your guests
  • Convenient, safe, secure interface with our "no-hassle-refund" support
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions
Caribbean Travel Alliance Credit Card Processing

Timely Bank Deposits

It doesn't matter where your customers are. With Caribbean Travel Alliance your settlement goes directly to your approved bank account. The fastest system available anywhere.

  • View itemized earnings and totals earned to date
  • View earnings pending approval and those already approved
  • See all paid invoices included in your deposit and review those unpaid
  • Access your Private Transaction Dashboard and run various business reports
JamXPay Quick Deposits

How We Power Your Success In The Caribbean

To Sign-Up click the Join Now button located lower down on the page. Upon signup, you will receive an email with your account creation information and your personal signup code. You must use this code to enter the exclusive private Account Creation area in order to finalize creating your account.

Familiarize yourself with the various sections of your dashboard as there are many easy to use tools. Click the highlighted section for "Book Tours & Transfers" to access your booking portal and email campaign portal. Instructions on how to use the social media marketing portal is located in the notes section at the bottom of the screen.


As we market your services on social media, we will deploy dynamic forms that represent you to your followers and new prospects. Upload a professional picture that represents you well, so that you always maintain a professional image.

If you already have an agency website and a logo, add this information to your Caribbean Travel Alliance profile. We will use this to drive traffic to your existing online assets. Additionally we will co-brand visits to our site with your logo.


How do I book tours, excursions, and airport transfers?

Within the dashboard, access your booking portal and book any service required for your guest. The system will automatically track your transactions and your commissions will be posted to your account at the end of the transaction. There will be no need to do a report in order to claim your commission.

Am I able to see my commissions in real-time?

You will be able to view all your pending commissions, approved commissions, and payments right in the dashboard in realtime. Commissions will be paid monthly or biweekly. The previous booking method is most useful when you need to make payments using your customers credit card information.

Do I have any other booking options?

The second method involves booking services using your Personalized Coupon Code. When you use your code you get the discounted rates so you may keep your commission upfront. This is suitable whenever clients send you funds and you purchase on behalf of the clients using your own payment method (such as your Agency Credit Card). This option is only available to our Accredited Agents.

Are those the only options?

Finally, you may also earn commissions when your clients self book using your Unique Caribbean Travel Alliance Link. When your link is clicked, your clients will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our software. You will earn your usual commissions based on your commission type and the volume of sales generated per month. The commissions will be displayed in your dashboard

Progressive Commissions

Most host agencies pay you a fixed percentage commission on your bookings.. We do things differently- with Progressive Commissioning. As the number of your bookings increases, we reward you with an increase in your commission rate. We also focus on bundled tours so that your package commissions are higher.

Concierge Booking Assistance

Many times you have questions or you might not be sure of the best options- No Problem!!. With our concierge booking form, our on-the-ground Concierge Team does the heavy lifting for you by creating the package you need for your discerning client.

Email Marketing Campaign

Within your dashbord, you can easily enter the email address of a potential client to have them assigned to a particular email campaign. Additionally, you will get lead generation forms that may be used on social media to get your clients engaged through a focused email campaign.

Social Media Marketing

With the Caribbean Travel Alliance Advanced Social Media Marketing System, you will be able to launch a comprehensive "Experience The Caribbean Now" campaigns for your followers. With social media as the most important avenue for attracting customers, your client base will soar.

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